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I Am Entertainment ® is the premier online entertainment magazine

Launched in 2009 by veteran music and film industry professionals, I Am Entertainment (IAE) Magazine is the premier online entertainment magazine for learning the ins and outs of the entertainment business from those who run the show. Created as a blueprint for how to make it in the music and film/TV industries, I Am Entertainment became known as “The Entertainer’s Handbook.”

Thanks to our platform, fans and up-and-coming entertainers alike are able to learn how their favorite stars and show business executives “made it,” while also discovering the latest news and happenings affecting the music, film, television, and comedy worlds. Our award-winning entertainment blog has become a key online destination for hundreds of thousands of visitors each month.

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This is a gossip-free zone! With us, you will only find exclusive interviews, reviews, entertainment career tips, and non-gossip news covering: