Echoes in an Empty Apartment – Short Film Review

Review By: Shaine Freeman
Genre: Thriller, Drama | Type: Short Film

Echoes in an Empty Apartment

rated R

As someone who has actually spent time representing actors and directors on a major studio & network TV level, I have a strong appreciation for the time and talent it takes to make a film like ECHOES IN AN EMPTY APARTMENT. But, as a fan of cinematic art, I also think like the average everyday person who just wants to know if a movie is worth watching. So, for you fans out there, ECHOES is worth watching if you’re into dramatic thrillers.

ECHOES IN AN EMPTY APARTMENT is a 23 minute dramatic thriller that centers on The Angel (Lindsay Lane), The Blonde (Katherine Adams), and The Bastard (Trey McCurley). This film offers an interesting twist on the issue of contract killers and their motives behind why they chose this “profession”. In the film, The Angel follows The Bastard into seedy bars before eventually luring him back to her apartment for a sexual encounter. Ultimately, in a strange and twisted way, The Angel, The Blonde, and The Bastard each get what they want, but not without paying some sort of price for it.

The 23 minutes I spent watching ECHOES IN AN EMPTY APARTMENT, was time well spent. For the first half of ECHOES, Alex Reyme chooses to take the silent film approach, forcing you to look past dialogue and focus on the actors. I love this because it gives Lane, Adams, and McCurley (sounds like a law firm) a chance to showcase their acting chops. To me, any actor who can keep your attention without the help of special/visual effects and sound is noteworthy.

When it comes to the story, Reyme’s writing does leave a few holes for the so-called “critics” to spout negativity. But, I still think he did a great job with what he had. From a more technical angle, the cinematography was surprisingly good, in comparison to most short films I’ve seen over the years. I think Reyme and his crew did a great job with ECHOES.

When you understand that short films are just snippets of feature length movies that couldn’t raise the necessary funding to tell the story in a more detailed way, you can better appreciate a movie like ECHOES IN AN EMPTY APARTMENT; at least I can. So, for this reason, I would recommend any dramatic film fan check this short out.