Fifty Pence – Short Film Review

Review By: Shaine Freeman
Genre: Suspence Thriller, Drama | Type: Short Film

Fifty Pence

rated PG-13

FIFTY PENCE is a dramatic short-film set in Paris that centers on a young gambler named, Darren (Eric Kolelas), who is forced to make a moral decision which could cost him his life.

Darren must escort a young woman (Anoushka Ravanshad), who is a victim of human trafficking, to the other side of Paris for a Mafioso. As the twoembark upon their journey, they encounter a mother and her son and Darren begins to have a change of heart. When they arrive at their destination, Darren and the young woman are greeted by the leader of the Mafioso from a second story window. What happens next is an act of bravery, kindness, and human decency; but you’ll have to watch the film to find out.

As someone who gets pitched a lot of short films, I’ll admit that I’m a bit jaded. You can only take so much of the poor cinematography and the crappy effects that are used to mask the fact that the film has no substance what-so-ever. So, needless to say, I went into Fifty Pence expecting the worst and hoping for the best. Fortunately, I got what I was hoping for…a good short film with substance.

The film reeled me in and kept my attention the whole way through. The cinematography was good compared to most shorts, the story was good, and the acting was awesome. I found myself rooting for Darren to do the right thing, even with his life on the line. I couldn’t really find much wrong with the film other than the fact that there’s no way this guy could have escaped on foot from the mob.

But overall, I liked the short and felt it deserved some attention. If you get a chance to watch it, please do, I’m sure you’ll be entertained.