Abigail Winzer – Rejoice

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Music Editor

abigail winzer rejoice

Genre: Holiday, Celtic, Christian
Location: Muskegon, Michigan
For fans of: Celtic Woman, Enya, Alison Krauss, Sarah Mclachlan
Website: www.abigailwinzer.hearnow.com

Just in time for the 2016 holiday season, Abigail Winzer releases Rejoice, a compilation of timeless Christmas classics covered by the songstress. The seven track EP features some of the best vocal performances by Abigail, backed by live instruments played by four incredible musicians – Michael Crittenden (keys, guitar, and percussion), James Spalink (harp, winds, lute), Brian Morrill (cymbal rolls), and Arsen Petrosyan (duduk).

VOCALLY:  Abigail Winzer has one of the prettiest singing voices I’ve heard all year from an independent pop vocalist. Her delivery of “Silent Night” really captured the peaceful power of the song itself, while showing beautiful reverence for our Savior. Throughout the Rejoice EP, we are given the gift of awesome vocal performances to some of the best Christmas songs ever made.

MUSICALLY:  Rejoice is a soul-stirring musical masterpiece that showcases the stellar production talents of award winning, Berklee College of Music graduate, Michael Crittenden. Most notable, to me, is the fact that Michael Crittenden and James Spalink are multi-instrumentalists. As a one instrument musician (piano/keyboards), I have always had a deep respect for those who possess the patience and discipline it takes to master multiple instruments. I was not only impressed by the exceptional musicianship contained on this release, I was thoroughly entertained by Crittenden’s (Spalink, Morrill, and Petrosyan) interpretations of some of my favorite childhood holiday songs.

Overall, Rejoice is a festive 7 track EP that will help you ring in the 2016 Christmas holiday season on the right note. This is a must have release by Abigail Winzer that should be purchased and enjoyed with the family throughout the month of December. LISTEN NOW at abigailwinzer.hearnow.com.