Alexandra – Criminal

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Host of The Miews


Genre: Pop, Rock
Location: New South Wales, Australia
For fans of: Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Pink

There has been a missing element in the world of pop music for quite some time, where sassy female singers like Alexandra bring a gritty but sweet sound that grabs you the moment it hits your ears. Well, on Alexandra’s new single, Criminal, that missing element has been found.  Carrying a Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation” meets Pink vibe, Criminal is a pop track crusted with a rock and roll edge that will satisfy any true pop-rock fan’s hankering for something different.

From the outset, Criminal takes you on a journey to a place where drama rules the day. Alexandra sings her heart out while pledging her loyalty to a guy who is a known criminal. Attracted to bad boys who can’t seem to stay out of trouble, Alexandra admits to knowing how much of a screw up the guy is, but she refuses to leave him alone. I’ve never understood girls who fall for idiots like the guy she’s singing about, but hey…there’s somebody for everybody I guess? This is one track that I would never introduce my daughter to, because I don’t want her dating the kinds of jerks that fit the description in this song.

Songwriting aside, Criminal is musically strong thanks to the talents of Keith Olsen and Ian Vandermolen (drums), JJ Farris (guitars), Kristjan Bild (keys), Ariane Cap (bass), Alexandra (vocals/percussions/loops), and the production skills of Keith Olsen and Stuart Epps. Few pop songs these days are filled with live instrumentation and very little “in the box” production, which is why I believe this song has a great deal of potential to break through. If you like Janet Jackson, Rihanna, and/or Pink then you’ll like Alexandra’s new single.