Animato – Self Titled EP (Review)

Review By: Shaine Freeman
Genre: ElectroFunk / Synthpop / New Wave
Location: Los Angeles, CA

animato self titled ep

Animato puts the ‘m’ in monster music. This five-piece electrofunk/new wave band from the ‘City of Angels’ (LA) consists of Joey Medina, Steve Mungarro, Jason Ywahu, Rexelle, & Raul Martinez. Heavy on energy and light on boring, Animato’s self titled EP is filled with catchy melodies and dance grooves that will get your head nodding and your sweat glands pouring. Animato is a modern edition of great 80’s new wave acts that came before them like, The Talking Heads and Wang Chung, bringing synth-driven music that puts your endorphins in motion and your lip-sync talents to good use.

ANIMATO’s self titled EP offers five incredibly infectious tracks that really got my day off to a great start. Of the tracks available on the project, my favorite song is Lovers Leap, because it kicks the EP off on the right foot and has a great collection of catchy melodies. From the outset, the kick and reverbed toms almost force you to nod your head, so by the time the piano and vocals come in, you’re already in the mood for that thunderous stadium sound. The build ups and bursts of open vocal notes make the song easy to sing along with (a key element in every hit song), and the creative synth pads fill the gaps nicely. I’m a vocal guy, so when I hear great vocals and melody arrangements backed by amazing production…man, I live for this kind of stuff! This is a must hear track for anyone who enjoys the creative music productions of guys like Will.I.Am and Dr. Luke.

Overall, ANIMATO’s EP is 100% official and worth the money and time spent enjoying the sounds. Other tracks I really dug on this EP include: Souls for Gold and Resist. Each of these tracks adds its own defining color to make this an awesome new release. I hope to hear a full LP from Animato some time in the near future because, I’m officially a fan. The only thing that can stop this band is itself. The key to this EP’s success will be gaining as much media and radio attention, coupled with lots of live performance dates. Go check this band out if you like electrofunk/synth pop. I’m sure you’ll like what you hear.