Attik Door – Never In Agreement (Music Review)

Review By: Shaine Freeman
Genre: Alternative Rock, Hardcore

attik door

Attik Door is what you get when you take awesome female lead vocals and put them on top of hardcore alternative rock music production. Their new album, Never In Agreement, is filled with beastly power guitar chords and melodies that all but force you to whip out the air guitar (and drums) and become a virtual band member.  I’m sure others might want to instantly compare Attik Door to bands like Flyleaf and Paramore just because they have a female lead vocalist, but I wouldn’t do that because Attik Door has their own unique sound to offer.

Never In Agreement kicks off with the fiery track, “Posers”.  This track is exactly what I’ve been preaching to artists about when it comes to how an album should be started.  Bullying its way through your auditory system, “Posers”, thrashes hard and the lead vocals match that intensity.  Another song I really got into is, “The Front”, because – like “Posers” – this song possesses high energy guitar chops with equally lethal vocals and drums.

Of the 10 songs on Never In Agreement, I liked five of them, personally.  This is not to say that the other five tracks are not as good, it’s just my own personally taste in music.  I’d prefer you develop your own opinions of Attik Door’s music, so I won’t allude to what my preferred songs — with the exception of those I already mentioned. Check out the band’s album for yourself (below) and if you like the music buy it and follow them online.