Cain Rising – Rear View Mirror EP

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Music Editor

Cain Rising

Label: That’ll Do Records
Release Date: October 10, 2017
Genre: Rock, Americana, Pop-Rock
For fans of: Huey Lewis & The News, Journey

One listen to the Rear View Mirror EP by Cain Rising and you’ll know that you’ve happened upon something special. In a business where cliches are the norm, and bands who offer a real musical experience are few and far between, Cain Rising gives us hope. This British band of 5 consists of Jo, Jez, Jimmy, Mick and Ian, who are joined on Rear View Mirror by guest pianist/organist Matt Crawford.

LYRICALLY:  I’m not going to act like I’ve never heard the subject matter in Cain Rising’s songs before, but I will say that I enjoyed listening to it. There are tons of great melodies that bring out the soul in every song, and you’ll undoubtedly connect with the stories this band has crafted. Songs like “Glasgow City Spires” and the EP’s title track “Rear View Mirror” prove that we’re not dealing with novice songwriters here.

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Of all the songs on the EP, these two songs stuck with me the most; probably because they are total opposites, lyrically. “Rear View Mirror” is all about regaining your freedom from a stagnant relationship, while ‘Glasgow’ is more of a soldier realizing freedom isn’t free. Glasgow City Spires is my favorite of the two because it’s gives us a glimpse into the mind of a soldier returning home from a tour of duty in a foreign land, and what it must feel like. Having soldiers in my family, I know this story all too well, so it really hit home with me. If you know can relate to that, then check out “Glasgow City Spires” here. ⬇️

MUSICALLY:  The music that Cain Rising has crafted for their Rear View Mirror EP will sit well with fans of great bands like Journey and Huey Lewis & The News. Sonically, the release is pristine, and the production is triple A-plus. The tone and sound offer a heavy 80’s feel that cannot be denied, which presents Cain Rising with an excellent opportunity to connect with millions of Baby Boomers and Gen Xer’s who seem to have been forgotten by major record labels. The combination of rock, pop, folk, and blues makes for a very special blend unlike anything you’ll hear in “mainstream” music these days. The EP teems with vintage audio filters, raw guitar riffs and bass licks, a brass section that will blow you away, soul-bending piano playing, and kick ass drum fills that will rock you to your core!

VOCALLY:  Cain Rising’s work is among the best of the best in this area. Rear View Mirror is filled with powerful performances throughout the release, making for an exciting listen unlike anything you’ve probably heard in recent times. The lead vocals and harmonies are well produced, so you won’t hear any pitch issues or vocal manipulation using effects like AutoTune. All you’re going to get here is raw talent and supreme skill.

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Overall, Cain Rising has produced an epic LP with Rear View Mirrorand it’s well worth the investment to purchase this release. Be sure to pick up the album on October 10th, you’ll be glad you did.



  1. Rear View Mirror
  2. Glasgow City Spires
  3. Soldier
  4. Walk My Way
  5. Social Man


“Cain Rising…strong, engaging and original” BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
“Very accomplished” Fairwood Music International (David Bowie’s publisher)