Chameleon Technology – Blank Canvas EP

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Music Editor

chameleon technology

chameleon technology

RATING: 8.5 / 10

Genre: Rock, Metal, Punk
Songwriting: 6 | Music: 9 | Vocals: 7.5
Location: Costa Mesa, CA
For fans of: Green Day, The Living End, Fugazi, The Locust, Thrice

Multi-instrumentalist, Max Histrionic is the creator of Cali punk outfit Chameleon Technology, a detour from the norm and into the abyss of metallic haze that is his latest release Blank Canvas. A cross between bands like Fugazi and The Living End, with a splash of Green Day, Chameleon Technology unapologetically spills liquid metal all on your eardrums and dares you to not like it.

LYRICALLY:  Anyone who understands punk rock music knows that it’s not really about crafting stories that reach the heart. Rather, it’s about unleashing pint-up aggression and spewing it out in a rage fit. So, there’s not much to the lyrics other than to say that it’s exactly what I expected – which is chaos organized into song structure and put to a tempo and melody.

MUSICALLY:  Chameleon Technology’s saving grace on his Blank Canvas EP is the fact that the music is well done. As a musician, I am always impressed by guys who play multiple instruments extremely well, and I have nothing but respect for Chameleon’s talent. The skill he displays throughout the EP speaks to the admiration that we musicians have for one another when someone’s really good. Songs like “No Safe Word” and “Lifestyle Science” are perfect examples of just how awesome Max Histrionic is as a musician, and if you like high octane punk rock, you’re going to dig this EP.

VOCALLY:  I wasn’t exactly blown away by the vocals displayed by Chameleon, but I was impressed by his consistency and passion. When I say consistency, I simply mean that he didn’t fall off pitch when holding out open notes, and he didn’t wane on his vocal delivery from song to song. Max is a good vocalist who offers powerful performances as a foreground to his stellar music production.

Check out their latest music video for the smash single Blank Canvas. ⬇️