Chris Kudela – Write It Over

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Host of The Miews
Genre: Pop, Rock
Website: Chris Kudela Soundcloud

Chris Kudela

Hailing from the City of Brother Love is power pop songwriter, Chris Kudela, whose newest 6-song EP, Write It Over, is set to release on February 12th.  On this EP, Chris offers a strong compilation of “heartland rock” tracks that are reminiscent of the classic hits we got from greats like Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, and Tom Petty.  Listening to Kudela’s work, I felt upbeat and alive, as opposed to how I feel after listening to many indie pop-rockers who try to use over the top emotions to connect with listeners.

My favorite track on Write It Over is “TKO Chicago” because, (1) I’m from Illinois, and (2) the song is a lot of fun! Female/male duets are always cool when the singers compliment one another like Chris Kudela and his co-vocalist, Jodelle on this song. The volley between the two singers works well on top of the power-pop rock guitars and melodies, and the songwriting is such that you can envision a music video for this track. Check it out below and see why people have already started asking Chris Kudela how they can buy the song on Soundcloud.

Other notable tunes that I’d recommend you check out include: Greenroom, Finish What You Start, and Ring of Fire. Each of these tracks help to make Chris Kudela’s entire release worth hearing and buying. Overall, Write It Over is a great  project from this pop-rocker, and my former city of residence – Philly – ought to be proud of their native son.