Darryn Zewalk – The Best So Far

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Music Editor

best so far

Genre: Gospel, Christian, Jazz
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
For fans of: Marvin Sapp, Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond
Website: www.iamdarrynzewalk.com
Official Release Date: October 6, 2017

Gospel singer/author Darryn Zewalk is back with yet, another great release titled, The Best So Far. The 12-track album is a compilation of Zewalk’s most popular songs to-date, and is filled with classic odes to Christ that any fan of gospel music would enjoy. This release marks Zewalk’s fourth multi-track album, and fifth overall iTunes release (including his 2011 holiday single “Every Christmas”).

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LYRICALLY:  Darryn Zewalk stands to gain a ton of respect in the songwriting department, thanks to The Best So Far encompassing his greatest works of the pen, yet. Similar to some of the most successful Christian songwriters to ever craft songs about our Savior, Darryn possesses the true gift of the Holy Spirit. This album features one of my personal favorites, “Situation,” a song that speaks to those times when our faith may be shaken a little by difficult circumstances. In the song Darryn is having a candid conversation with God about a pressing situation, and he reminds us through his expression of faith in God that we too have to let go and let God. Excellent songwriting!

VOCALLY:  Darryn Zewalk has always been an inspirational singer. His voice carries you into the presence of the Holy Spirit with every note, as he shares his passion for the Lord. While his vocal tone may not be for everyone who listens, there’s no denying that Darryn’s performances are heartfelt and sincere throughout The Best So Far. Unlike many gospel singers, Zewalk knows his range and doesn’t try to do more than what is necessary to get the messages in his songs across. If you’ve never heard Darryn’s voice, I urge you to give him a listen.

MUSICALLY:  Darryn’s talents as a musician and producer are clear on The Best So Far. As a classically trained pianist and composer, Zewalk knows what his sound is all about. Never one to copycat other artists, Darryn Zewalk showcases genre bending range with a unique blend of Contemporary Christian, jazz, pop, soul, and traditional gospel music all wrapped into one release. While you may not be smitten with every production piece on this release, you’re sure to find a few personal favorites to play on repeat as you meditate on how good the Lord has been to you.

Overall, The Best So Far is a powerful 12-track LP that gives us Darryn Zewalk’s personal picks to share with fans of his previous works. This project will help you bring in the upcoming holiday season with a Christ-centered mindset. This is a must have release that should be purchased and shared with the whole family.