Daves Neck – The Girl With The Neck Tattoo

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Music Editor

daves neck

Genre: Dirt Rock, Hardcore
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
For fans of: Danko Jones, Turbonegro, Motörhead
Website: www.davesneck.com

The Girl With The Neck Tattoo is the smoking hot 5 song EP from Swedish rock band Daves Neck. The band rolls in the same lane as Motörhead and Danko Jones, so it shouldn’t be hard for fans of those two top rock bands to like the music Dave’s Neck is pushing.  Solid music and vocals make this band an indie hard rock powerhouse, ready to headline tours and build a massive following.

LYRICALLY:  The songwriting is good for the genre, but it’s Dirt Rock so the lyrics are not very poetic. The style in which these songs are formed, is such that it’s meant to stir up the rebellious side of listeners. The pace of the melody writing is such that the messages can’t help but ooze a not-so-positive approach to conflict resolution. The highlight lyrically is that Dave’s Neck offers some variety in the subject matter from song to song, and they are consistent in their overall tone throughout the EP.

MUSICALLY:  Of the five songs featured on The Girl With The Neck Tattoo, my favorite is “Burn” because it has this huge beast of a sound that any hardcore rock fan would love.  The guitar riffs are amazing, the bass is punchy, and the vocals are very strong on this track and I really got into the whole production.  The track opens up with a great guitar riff that carries throughout and I found myself humming the melody all day. The lead guitar licks are pristine and really add a nice touch to the music, while the drummer is one of the best I’ve heard this year, so far.  You have to check this one out.

VOCALLY:  I’m never a big fan of hardcore rock vocals because it just sounds like they’re talking in a melodic way, especially on uptempo songs. So, while I liked the strength in the lead vocal, I couldn’t fully connect with the overall performances throughout the EP. Still, The Girl With The Neck Tattoo bolsters a strong playlist that will keep your blood pumping and your sweat pouring.

Trust me, your air guitar will get a helluva workout.  I’d recommend checking these guys out because they rock hard.