Dream Eternal Bliss EP

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Host of The Miews
Genre: Modern Rock, Pop
Website: www.dreameternalbliss.com

dream eternal bliss EP

[Available For Purchase Now]

Franklin Lakes, NJ modern rock band, Dream Eternal Bliss (DEB), have one of the coolest 6-song releases on the market right now. The band’s Dream Eternal Bliss EP is a crosshatch of new wave pop and modern rock music, blending synthesizers with rock guitars and pop vocals and melodies. While some might hear DEB’s sound and want to label it “retro”, the band is much more than just a throwback to the MTV golden age when Duran Duran and Simple Minds ruled the airwaves. DEB is a passion project that was a long time desire of founding members, Scott Kahn (keyboards) and Derek Davodowich (guitars). “We decided it would be fun to make music that embraced our love of new wave and pop for a change, but still keep the focus on serious musicianship and having stellar guitar work,” said Scott Kahn in a recent interview.

As you dive into the Dream Eternal Bliss EP you will instantly know that this release was created by musicians who truly had a passion for the sound they are creating.  There are a number of extremely catchy songs, but my favorite track is “This Time” because, it’s just a really good song to jam out to; and you’ve got to check out the drum work by Byron Barbieri. Carrie Edwards (lead vocals), who came to DEB via a Craigslist ad, creates the perfect foreground to the band’s modern synth rock sound. Thanks to her light, but powerful tone the song comes alive and showcases just how good the band is. I enjoyed the laid back verses and the massive chorus buildups; talk about mind-blowing!  One listen to this track and you know DEB is a force to be respected. Check it out the video to this song.

Other notable tunes that I’d recommend include: Don’t Stop, Home, and Leave Me Be. Each of these tracks helps Dream Eternal Bliss cement itself into the footings of today’s underground rock music scene. There’s a place for this New Jersey band of rockers in your playlist, so make sure you visit their iTunes page and download the Dream Eternal Bliss EP now!

This Time
Die & Learn
Don’t Stop
Unfamiliar Faces
Leave Me Be