Evership – The Evership EP

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Music Editor


Genre: Symphonic Progressive Rock
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
For fans of: Yes, Steven Wilson, Queen
Website: www.evership.com

Nashville rockers Evership have released their new 6 track self-titled EP; a progressive rock project that deserves the praise of music journalists and true rock music fans everywhere. In a time where the mainstream has lost its grip on dictating to audiences what’s hot and what’s not, Evership adds fuel to the fire that’s keeping  independent rock music at the forefront. Serving up some of the best progressive rock music of the year, these guys are preparing to steal the hearts of fans everywhere.

LYRICALLY:  In the songwriting department, the genius pen of veteran Music Row producer/songwriter Shane Atkinson is on full display. You will find great storytelling and highly catchy melody writing that are sure to give rock music fans something to be excited about. While both the lyrics and melody writing are amazing, it is the melodies that stood out most to me. The melodic structures that exist throughout the EP are what brings to life the stories Evership is narrating. But, what’s even more impressive is the fact that these melodies are constructed in a way that makes every song easy to sing along with, almost guaranteeing that fans will listen to every word Atkinson has penned. It can be difficult to find a band whose songs are this good, which is why I would recommend that listeners appreciate every single word, and sing along as loudly as you can.

MUSICALLY:  Here’s where Evership really shines. This band is a rock music juggernaut whose audacious exploration of their instruments limitations, challenges everything you may have come to know about this genre. By using the same bold drum beds, varying tempos, thunderous bass, and in your face guitar riffs that made bands like Queen and Yes so incredibly unique and amazing, Evership is creating for themselves the potential to become legendary. As a musician, I was in awe of the musical prowess displayed by each member of the band. You know, instantly, that there are no amateurs here. I enjoyed every single composition on this EP. It is one of the most entertaining and noteworthy compilations of music that I’ve heard this year.

VOCALLY:  Everyone who knows me understands that I am a huge fan of great vocals. Thanks to this EP, I can now say that I am a fan of Evership. The harmonies are spot on, and the lead vocal performances are Grade A, supreme. From the moment I heard songs like “Silver Light”, “Evermore”, and “Ultima Thule”, I knew I was in for a treat. The band’s lead singer, Beau West, captured the very essence of what it means to be a professional vocalist. His voice is teeming with the same tonal richness and power of greats like Bobby Kimball (Toto), while the band’s harmonies are comparable to that of Queen. There’s no greater compliment that I can think of giving these guys than to liken them unto some of the greatest to ever do progressive rock music.

Take a listen and see if you can attempt to disagree with me on this one. ⬇️