Glenn Meling – Minnesota

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Music Editor

glenn meling minnesota

Genre: Alternative, Pop, Rock
For fans of: Sting, U2, David Bowie, Daniel Lanois

Glenn Meling has released his new 9-track LP, Minnesota; the third solo project by the international alternative pop singer. Not chasing mainstream millennial pop radio fame, Meling offers listeners a chance to once again experience what the late, great David Bowie gave the world through rock tinged pop music.

LYRICALLY:  Minnesota embodies within it’s lyrical hallways, the heart and soul of 80’s pop-rock. A throwback to the days when the songs were focused on the superficial aspects of love, and stories about traveling the globe. While there are several songs here that I thoroughly enjoyed the songwriting on, my personal favorite would be “Secret Flower” because, it reminds me of a Sting or U2 type song. Its melody structure and subject matter put the tune in close proximity with the greatness we’ve come to love about U2 and Sting.

MUSICALLY:  Minnesota also shines in the music department. If you like David Bowie and Sting, you will find Glenn Meling’s work on this LP to be a close match to the greats before him. Clearly inspired by the international pop-rock sound that the earlier mentioned artists gave to the world over the past three decades, Glenn fills the air with his own spin on a classic sound. The guitars are great; providing the perfect environment for all the other instruments to live in. I would recommend checking this out if you like the 80’s pop-rock sound.

VOCALLY:  My least favorite part of Minnesota is the vocal production. Glenn Meling didn’t give me the same strong vocal performance I get from Bowie, Sting, and Bono. Instead, I heard more of a Johnny Cash “Unchained” type of performance. There is plenty of emotion, but the vocal just didn’t match the musical production, which left me feeling a bit detached from the full experience Glenn Meling is trying to give here.

Nevertheless, check out Minnesota, and if you like it, I would encourage you to support Glenn Meling by purchasing this release. ⬇️