Jack Mosbacher Band – I’m In Love (Single)

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Music Editor

jack mosbacher

Genre: Pop, Rock, Blues
Location: San Francisco, CA
For fans of: John Mayer, Jason Mraz
Website: www.jackmosbacher.com

The Bay Area is teeming with music talent and Jack Mosbacher is yet another testament to how alive the city of San Francisco really is. Jack’s newest single I’m In Love is an awesome mix of pop, rock, and blues music that shows off his amazing songwriting skills.

LYRICALLY:  This song is all about a guy who is unapologetically head-over-heels in love with the one he’s with! There are a lot of great songwriters in the US indie music scene, but few translate their feelings the way Jack Mosbacher has done on I’m In Love. He doesn’t try to cloak his message in clever metaphors and similes, instead we get good old plain English written in a relatable and heartfelt way. Every guy who has ever found himself in love with a woman so much that he couldn’t wait to reunite with her daily, will instantly connect with Jack’s words in this song. The melodies are also well written and catchy, and the live video (above) is proof that it resonates with people. But, isn’t this exactly what great songwriting’s all about? Using words to stir an emotional connection and response from listeners? To Jack Mosbacher I say, “Mission accomplished!”

MUSICALLY:  I’m In Love is a great example of how supreme musicianship and composition come together to create an experience that music fans can (and will) enjoy. This particular track carries a Jason Mraz feel to it. The music bed is an acoustic guitar driven blend of the pop, blues, jazz, and rock genres. As you will see in the video, Jack Mosbacher has assembled a group of extremely gifted musicians to help him craft a unique sound that goes beyond the traditional pop/singer-songwriter production. The horn section adds a New Orleans jazz feel that meshes well with the pop melodies in the music, and gives listeners something they don’t get to hear everyday. I absolutely enjoyed this production.

VOCALLY:  This area, perhaps, is the only area I saw a little need for improvement. Don’t get me wrong, Jack Mosbacher is a very good singer, but I felt that the music and songwriting outshined the vocal performance on this particular song. He did a fabulous job of delivering the emotion and tone needed for the song to resonate, but the vocal strength was a little below what was needed for this song. I would have liked a little more “from the gut” singing to show off his vocal range; but that’s a personal preference thing that many may disagree with me on. Nevertheless, Jack Mosbacher is a great artist, musician, and songwriter who has the potential to reach the same levels of success as Jason Mraz and John Mayer.