Jim Peterik – The Songs LP

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Music Editor

jim peterik

Genre: Classic Pop, Singer-Songwriter
Location: Chicago, IL
For fans of: Kris Kristofferson, Jimmy Webb, Art Garfunkel, Collin Raye
Website: www.jimpeterik.com

On his new LP, The Songs, platinum selling songwriter and original founder of the classic rock band Survivor, Jim Peterik shows us why he deserves our respect. Despite the fact that his songs played a major role in shaping the American music industry and culture, I doubt that most young artists these days know anything about his history in the music business. Still, I can guarantee that once you listen to The Songs LP you’ll immediately remember why I hold Jim in such high esteem.

LYRICALLY:  First of all, Jim Peterik is the co-writer of the multiplatinum selling classic 80’s Survivor hit “Eye of the Tiger,” from the blockbuster film Rocky III; so, who am I to judge his talent as a writer? The guy’s a living legend and I am humbled to even be reviewing his work! I appreciate Jim’s respect for great songwriters from multiple genres too. This LP is filled with re-imagined covers of classic commercial music hits; all of which contain some of the best song lyrics ever written. The project plays like a list of my personal favorites from the 70’s and 80’s, so I couldn’t be too critical here.

MUSICALLY:  Here’s where Jim Peterik makes his mark. Every track on The Songs is reproduced in a different genre from it’s original state. Mostly delivered in a singer-songwriter/pop style, the music feels great. I applaud his creative passion to re-imagine classic hits in a way that nobody would’ve ever thought was respectable. From the guitars to the pianos, the musicianship is top of the line, as I expected it would be. The only thing that threw me off at times was the fact that it was hard to get the original versions out of my head. But in the end, that didn’t stop me from enjoying the music on this LP.

VOCALLY:  Jim’s pop vocal is reminiscent of guys like Elvis Costello and Art Garfunkel, putting him directly in alignment with a generation of music fans who seem to have been forgotten by the young label execs of today. My favorite performance on this LP is Jim Peterik’s rendition of the 80’s classic by Whitesnake titled, “Is This Love”. Peterik did a great job of delivering the emotional presence necessary to bring this song back to life. While Jim is a good singer for the kind of music he’s offering, he isn’t the best singer I’ve heard in recent times from the classic pop, singer-songwriter genre. But, knowing how the vocal cords change with age, I was happy to see Jim still singing as strongly as he is.

Check out Jim’s video for “Caught Up In You”. ⬇️