Joey Job – Most High (feat. Joon)

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Music Editor

joey job most high

Genre: Christian Rap, Hip-Hop
Location: Decatur, GA
For fans of:  Tedashii, Master P, Rick Ross

Coming straight from the “Dec” in Atlanta, GA is Joey Job, a man who brings the kind of good news that only someone completely sold out to God can deliver. His latest single, Most High, is an example of how Christians are using hip-hop to appeal to those who love the genre and culture but have not yet experienced it in a faith driven way. Me being an active member of the vibrant music community in Atlanta, and most importantly – a believer, I can tell you that Joey Job is an asset to the highly popular holy hip-hop scene here.

LYRICALLY:  As you can imagine, Most High, is unlike mainstream secular hip-hop where profanity laced lyrics encourage you to be hedonistic and reckless. Instead, Joey Job writes from the perspective of a former street dude who found Christ and wants to share his transformation with all who will listen. The redemptive message is what I like most about Most High. The fact that Job is unashamed to speak the truth about his life in relation to God makes this a must-listen. Those of us who have been in the streets and have seen the benefits of changing clothes will immediately connect to Joey Job’s message in this song.

MUSICALLY:  While I wasn’t completely blown away by the overall production, I did like the street vibe in the musical composition. The beat melodies are catchy and likely to resonate with hip-hop fans who like hard hitting street grooves. The part I would recommend improving on future releases by Joey Job is the mix of the music. As a musician who has spent time in the studio with top producers like Jermaine Dupri, I could hear technical things in the instrumental mixes that would have made this track pop harder. Despite any mix issues, the music is well composed and relevant.

VOCALLY:  I could tell Joey Job is a seasoned hip-hop artist, just by listening to his confidence when delivering the message in Most High. It’s his unique and emphatic declaration of faith that keeps you locked into what he is saying. The R&B flavored hook vocals are easy to sing along with, and remind me of those classic hooks we used to hear from guys like Nate Dogg.

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