Jon Worthy – Only A Dream | Music Review

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Music Editor

jon worthy

Release Date: January 12, 2018
Genre: Alternative Rock
For fans of: Cage the Elephant. The Districts. John Lennon. Kings of Leon

Being an artist is a lot of work these days, and no other artists knows this better than Jon Worthy. No newcomer to releasing music, the Nashville based musician launched his previous 6-song EP “Unconventional” in 2015. Now he’s back and prepared to prove why his new 10 track LP, Only A Dream, which was recorded with Lincoln Parish of Cage the Elephant at his studio in Nashville, TN deserves to be added to your playlist.

LYRICALLY:  The songs on Jon Worthy’s new release are primarily relationship focused, but filled with relatable subject matter. Each track gives insight into the various experiences Jon has either seen or endured.  One of the songs on Only A Dream that I enjoyed listening to is “You Afraid,” where he basically tells the girl he loves that she’s afraid to love him! Other songs I like the lyrics to include “Please Tell Me” and “Have It Your Way”. If you like good songwriting, you have to check out this album.

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VIDEO: Jon Worthy – “Have It Your Way”

MUSICALLY:  In my opinion, the music is the best part about Only A Dream, because it has a vintage, yet modern feel to it that Worthy himself likes to call “dreamy rock”. Built on the same foundation that brought forth popular bands like Cage The Elephant and Kings of Leon, Jon Worthy’s sound offers an eclectic blend of styles that fuse together elements of classic, punk, and pop rock music.  One listen to songs like “Don’t Let It Go” and “You Afraid” and you’ll be instantly locked into Jon’s melodic guitars and overall vintage sound.  I couldn’t help but think of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones as I went through each track on Only A Dream.  Just prepare yourself for an awesome listening experience.

VOCALLY:  Jon Worthy’s singing talents on Only A Dream is reminiscent of classic rock titans like John Lennon and Robert Plant, in that there’s a certain semi-raspy texture and emotional pull to his vocal performances.  On songs like “You Drive Me Insane”, “Have It Your Way,” and “Don’t Let It Go” Jon Worthy delivers the goods like few alternative rock artists can, filling the deepest crevices of each song with his signature tone and vocal prowess.  He’s definitely an artist you will remember.

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Overall, Jon Worthy’s Only A Dream LP is worthy (no pun intended) of your support from both a financial investment to purchase the release.  You can pick up the release now on ITUNES.


  1. You Drive Me Insane
  2. Help Me
  3. Have It Your Way
  4. Only A Dream
  5. Please Tell Me
  6. Life I Believe
  7. Don’t Let It Go
  8. You Afraid
  9. Holding Me Down
  10. So Alive