Naomi K – Take Me Home

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Music Editor

naomi k

Genre: Pop, Americana, Rock
Location: Los Angeles, CA
For fans of: Sheryl Crow, Jewel

Los Angeles is filled with talented music artists and Naomi K is one such talent. Her new single Take Me Home is an awesome mix of pop, rock, and Americana music that shows off Naomi’s incredible vocal and songwriting skills.

LYRICALLY:  Take Me Home is very well written. Naomi did an excellent job of telling the story of a woman who loses the love of her life and all she wants is to have him back in her arms. The melodies are nicely done, but the lyrics are what stands out most to me. Every word Naomi speaks resonated with me, and if you’ve ever lost someone close to you then you’ll immediately connect with this song also. If you watch the video, you will immediately get the point of the story, which reminds me of a short film version of the hit 90’s movie, “Ghost.” This is songwriting at its peak!

MUSICALLY:  This song carries a strong rhythmic foundation and excellent music melody. The producers really brought this one to life in a fun and upbeat way, despite the not-so-happy message in the lyrics. The composition offers an Americana-pop sound that meshes well with Naomi’s vocal talents, giving a Sheryl Crow meets Jewel feel I haven’t heard in a while. The mix is well done; elevating Naomi’s status as a professional singer-songwriter.

VOCALLY:  As a true fan of great singing, I enjoyed listening to Naomi’s vocals. Sometimes singers just kinda go through the motions and don’t seem to care about their delivery of the song, but that’s not the case with Naomi K. She really captured the emotional aspects in the lyrics and made me feel her pain. The highlight of this song, vocally, is the chorus performance. Those wide open notes allowed me the chance to hear her vocal control, and she never falls off pitch or runs short of breath. I knew instantly that this woman has “it”, and I’d advise everyone to get a taste of what Naomi K has cooking.

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