Nick de la Hoyde – Thinking Bout You

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Music Editor

nick de la hoyde

Genre: Pop, R&B
Location: Sydney, AU
For fans of: Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber

On his new single, Thinking Bout You, Aussie pop singer Nick de la Hoyde delivers a catchy uptempo sound that is sure to capture the hearts of young girls across the globe. There are a few artists these days whose music speaks directly to the ears of tween and teen girls who fall in and out of love with every young male pop star on the rise, and Nick’s new single puts him on a potential crash course with this audience.

LYRICALLY:  As a guy who grew up on songwriters like Stevie Wonder, Rod Temperton, Prince, Mutte Lang, Hall & Oates, and Babyface, I know great lyrics when I hear them. I also know how to appreciate new songwriters and their unique perspectives on life’s winding roads. That said, Nick’s songwriting on this new track is average and doesn’t strike me as anything creatively unique. I’ve heard this particular subject matter a thousand times over this year, and the melody structure is similar to that of Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber’s recent music. But, that could be a good thing if those artists’ fans take a liking to Nick’s single.

MUSICALLY:  Thinking Bout You is comparable to what you’d hear from the above mentioned artists, and some of the popular Disney stars of the moment. I would have loved to have heard something uniquely different in the music, but despite this issue I think Nick de la Hoyde is a good producer. Being a producer myself, I can respect Nick’s passion for creating catchy beats that give fans what they want to hear – which is what beatcrafters are supposed to do. For this reason he scored some cool points here.

VOCALLY:  Because I’ve worked with guys like BoyzIIMen and Usher, and have sat in sessions with tons of other great male vocalists, I have a hard time not being critical of vocal production. If I’m being honest, I think Nick de la Hoyde has a ton of potential to become a “name” in the Pop-R&B genre, he just needs the same thing Bieber, Zayn, Usher, and Timberlake have received – vocal training. I know that a great vocal trainer could help Nick become a powerhouse vocalist who would probably blow the lid off of the cover that’s holding him back. Right now he’s just good, but if he wants to be great then he has to seek the help of a seasoned vocal coach like Mama Jan.

Check out the song here. ⬇️