Rorie Kelly – Sincerely Live (Review)

Review By: Shaine Freeman
Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Indie, Folk, Rock
Location: NYC

rorie kelly

Rorie Kelly is an amazing singer-songwriter whose latest LP, Sincerely Live, contains 15 relatable songs that speak clearly to some of life’s ups and downs. I met this amazing young singer during the weekly #ggchat that takes place on Twitter, and couldn’t have found a more delightful and awesome artist to review. After hearing her music, I was pleasantly surprised by Rorie’s talent, which reminded me of great artists like Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morissette, and Tori Amos.

Recorded live in the lobby of the Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts, Sincerely Live gave me something totally different from the hundreds of albums I have reviewed this year. Her decision to release an album of live recordings instantly gained my respect, but even better, she backed it up with great performances. Just in case we were skeptical of her abilities, Rorie kicks the album off with just her voice and an acoustic guitar, showcasing her own musical abilities before bringing her band on to back her up.

Of the 15 songs on the project, my favorite tracks include: Silence Ends, Pants On Fire, Less Than 3, My Little Heart, and If You Teach A Bird To Sing. Every one of these songs stood out to me because, I just loved the songwriting and vocal performances on them the most. This is not to imply that the other tracks on the album are not equally awesome, but there were some special moments in the songs mentioned here, that really spoke to my personal tastes. In the end, Rorie’s a rising star and I would recommend her album to anyone who loves real music.

1. And if so
2. Convenient
3. Silence ends
4. Pants on fire
5. The weather
6. This is not a love song
7. Less than 3
8. Milk
9. My little heart
10. Home is where the heart is
11. Girl robot
12. Sincere
13. Pennsylvania
14. If you teach a bird to sing
15. American daydream encore