Space Cadets – Self Titled EP

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Music Editor

space cadets

Genre: Hip-Hop, Rock, Blues
Location: Los Angeles, CA
For fans of: G. Love and Special Sauce, Pharcyde, John Mayer

I’m feeling this Space Cadets band and EP! In an industry where cliche songs are the norm and bands who offer a truly unique music experience are few and far between, the Space Cadets are a beacon of hope. This LA based trio consists of Zachary Wexelman (vocals, guitar), Dan Creed (bass, backing vocals), and John Cocco (drums), each playing his own special role in crafting the band’s unique blend of hip-hop and blues-rock.

LYRICALLY:  Look, I’m not going to act like I haven’t heard the subject matter being offered by the Space Cadets before, but what I will say is this…I enjoyed listening to it because the melodies are very cool. I was a little inspired by the song “FFDF” (Friends, Family-ly-ly, Dreams and Fantasy) because, the whole song is about uplifting oneself by focusing on the people and things that matter the most, and ignoring those who don’t. While there wasn’t anything that blew me away from a creative writing aspect, I did catch the vibes being thrown out by these Space Cadets.

MUSICALLY:  Space Cadets’ music is comparable to G. Love and Special Sauce, with hints of Pharcyde and John Mayer. The sound is a bit oxymoronic in that it is both chilled out and energetic at the same time. The combination of hip-hop, acoustic rock, and blues makes for a very special sound that’s unlike majority of the stuff you’ve been hearing from the so-called “mainstream” radio outlets. Every track carries the band’s signature live sound, which teems with vintage audio filters and raw instrumentation. It’s a must hear.

VOCALLY:  The vocal delivery by Zach Wexelman is pretty dope. I like his tone and style of rap, something that closely rivals G. Love and Special Sauce, and in some ways reminds me of Smashmouth minus the overtly pop cheese. It is this very delivery that helps the Space Cadets EP orbit the indie music solar system without being damaged by the asteroid debris left behind by watered down cookie-cutter wannabe mainstream cliche art. Good vocal performances.

Check out Space Cadets’ video “Kissing” ⬇️