The Slang – Night and Day EP

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Music Editor

the slang

Genre: Alternative Rock
Location: Columbus, OH
For fans of: The Killers, U2, Sting, OK Go

Thanks to their newest release, Night and Day, Ohio-based rockers The Slang are peeling back the veil that has kept our ears from enjoying their classic sound. While Bobo (vocals, guitar, piano) and Newsome (bass), aka The Slang, have played top music festivals like NXNE and CMJ, and had their music licensed to top broadcasters like HBO and USA network, there’s a whole world out there that hasn’t heard their sound. Here, you’ll get an idea of what we think of The Slang’s latest release.

LYRICALLY:  The songwriting is one of The Slang’s strong spots. Each song’s lyrical foundation is cemented with the same sincerity and passion that has kept bands like U2 around for decades. The melodies are written in such a way that the words float off the page and into reality, making every message real to the listener. If this were a songwriting contest the one song on Night and Day that would stand out as a clear finalist is “Breakthrough“. The reason is that the song contains the two essential elements that make a song a potential hit: (a) relatable lyrics, and (b) catchy sing-a-long melody writing. You have to check this track out!

MUSICALLY:  Another shining element on The Slang’s Night and Day EP is the music.  As a musician, I was impressed by The Slang’s obvious talent for composing alternative music that compliments their songwriting. The overall production (composition, execution, and presentation) I found to be superior to many alternative rock bands that I’ve heard this year. Bobo and Newsome are very skilled musicians who clearly elevate one another’s individual talents when crafting the soundscapes that made Night and Day such a fun EP to listen to.

VOCALLY:  I wasn’t as impressed with what The Slang had to offer in this area. After spending years in the studio with some of the most successful singers (not just artists) in the business, my bar is pretty high here. Bobo did a good job of delivering the emotional intensity required, but he runs out of breath which causes him to fall off pitch at times; signaling a lack of breath control while performing. Because Bobo has a rich tone and understands how to tie in the proper emotional pull, I would only suggest vocal training to help him expand his vocal range and ability to hold open notes longer.

Nevertheless, Night and Day is a pretty cool EP. Check out The Slang’s video right here. ⬇️