Tod Hughes – Time Slow Down LP

tod hughes

Genre: Singer-songwriter, Folk, Roots Rock.
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
For fans of: Dire Straits, John Fogerty, Grateful Dead

Tod Hughes has released his new 9-track LP, Time Slow Down, a solid work of folk music art filled with meaningful songs that warm the heart. Similar to artists like John Fogerty, with the potential to bring us what Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead gave us vocally, Tod has a very structured sound and every track is worth each second you spend strolling down its musical pathways. Nothing about Time Slow Down says mainstream radio, but with artists like Tod you can’t expect to get a chart-topping pop record.  Hes a crafty writer who paints pictures on the walls of your mind that seem like real events. I love this kind of writing and if you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate what you hear.

As you dive into Tod Hughes’ music on this LP, you’ll discover that each song offers something you can relate to. The project’s title track, “Time Slow Down,” is my favorite song because it speaks to how I feel sometimes with how fast the days go by.  I’m always telling time to slow down and wait for me, just as Hughes demands in this particular song.  Great folk songwriters have a knack for keeping you in a relaxed and upbeat mood, while still making you anxious to hear where they’re taking you in the story.  Also, the music is fun and put me in the mood for a square dance. This is a must hear song.


The rest of the LP compliments the title track well, making for a strong new release by Tod Hughes; songs like “Drinking Coffee in a Hipster Place” (video below), “Nothing Too Obscure”, and “Worth Waiting For”. Thankfully, there are no uncouth spins that throw the project off, like an experimental song in some genre that doesn’t even match the rest of the songs. The only thing you’ll find is Tod being consistent with his sound and moods, which helps to make this a highly enjoyable release for me. I can confidently say that I’d recommend Time Slow Down to anyone with an affinity for roots, folk music that is both fun and creative.