von Konow – Cosmic (Single)

Review By: Shaine Freeman, Music Editor

von Konow

Genre: Art Rock, Pop
Location: Helsinki, Finland
For fans of: Scott Walker, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave
Website: www.facebook.com/vonkonowmusic

Since the dawn of the modern music business, Europe has given the world some of the best artists and songwriters we’ve ever seen, and von Konow is setting out to add his name to that list. His latest single, Cosmic, is an art rock ballad that rides the outer rim of pop music, giving von Konow an opportunity to connect with those who may not have otherwise given the artist a second look.

LYRICALLY:  The songwriting on Cosmic focuses on a man who is connecting with his emotional side and sharing how he feels about his muse. Throughout the song von Konow exposes his passion for the woman he is in love with; telling her exactly what he dreams of and how he can’t live without her presence in his life. Nothing special about the subject matter and creative writing therein, but the story is relatable.

MUSICALLY:  The music peels back a few layers and exposes the world to a somewhat vintage 1980’s sound that capture a loyal audience of late 20th century David Bowie fans. I wasn’t fully sold on the sound, mostly because it didn’t strike me as anything noteworthy; but that’s my personal taste talking. Music is subjective so I’d suggest fans of music not just take my word for it. Take a listen because you may like what von Konow is offering here.

VOCALLY:  Vocal performances can save a song that might not otherwise connect with the listener, but von Know actually fell short here. This is the least impressive part of this song. Ballads must have great singing on them, and while the emotional passion was delivered by von Konow, the richness and power was not. His very thick accent when singing in English made it hard for me to connect with the spirit of the performance. Check it out and see if you can connect. ⬇️