Film Producer, Sean Nateghi Discusses “Me You and Five Bucks”

Sean Nateghi
Photo By: The Headshot Truck

It’s not everyday that you hear about someone quitting med-school to become an actor, but Sean Nateghi did just that. In this exclusive interview, we not only learn why he traded in a future filled with patients for a career that tests your patience, we also get the scoop on his latest film endeavor, ‘Me You and Five Bucks’.

You were a pre-med student at Auburn University but you dropped out. Why?
While in school, I took a trip to New York and ended up seeing the musical Urinetown, which completely blew me away. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so that night I stayed up super late researching acting schools and how to be an actor. I found a reputable school with a two-year program and decided I could go back to medicine if it didn’t work out. I didn’t want to look back on my life and say “what if..,” so, I enrolled in the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio and moved to LA.

When you got into acting, what was the first lesson you learned about maintaining an acting career?
I was told to only pursue this career if I really loved it. They said, “The business is tough with too much BS and obstacles, and if you don’t love the craft of acting itself, it just won’t be worth it.”

Why did you start ZOOR Films?
Sometimes being an actor can be very limiting. You have to wait for someone else to tell you when you can work and have a job. You also are limited in the type of roles/projects you can play because it depends on what is being offered. I simply wanted to get my hands dirty and make projects that interest me. I find producing to be extremely gratifying and creative in a fantastically different way than acting because it is so collaborative. Making a project from start to completion is a very exciting and scary thing to undertake, but also very rewarding.


You star in and produced the film, Me You & Five Bucks. What’s the movie about and what can people expect to see?
It’s a fresh NY love story taking place in Manhattan. After a brutal breakup, Charlie, a waiter struggling to make ends meat writes a book, The 7 Steps to Healing the Broken Heart, to help get over his ex. It doesn’t work, years later while low on cash, he puts an ad out for a roommate and the first person to respond is his ex! I play Charlie’s competitive, hot-shot, womanizing best friend “Louie,” a writer for The Manhattan Times. What I think stands out about this project is that the acting is so natural and real. We shot the entire film in just 14 days and didn’t shoot many takes, so everybody brought their “A” game. I also love that we have a truly diverse cast, with no one playing ethnic stereotypes, like you usually see in films.

How can people watch the film?
You can find the film on iTunes, Amazon, OnDemand, Playstation Network, or you can order it from Best Buy or Walmart.

Where can everyone connect with you online (website, social media)?
You can find me on Twitter and Instagram at @seannateghi and