How The Fallen Stars Are Turning TV Fans Into Music Fans

the fallen stars

What does an Emmy-winning sci-fi TV series from 2002-03 have to do with music? The Fallen Stars can tell you. In one of the coolest approaches to creating music and building an audience that I’ve ever heard of, The Fallen Stars have been transforming TV fans into music fans. Here, we get to know who TFS truly is, and it’s very interesting!

How did The Fallen Stars band form?
I feel like we’ve always just existed.  Formed?  I guess when we moved west to California.  I didn’t want to be a solo name anymore and Tracy was singing and writing anyway and we liked the name, it reminded us of Gram Parsons backing band and it was lifted from one of our song lyrics.  Viola’ – Fallen Stars.  I can say that it grew out of me not wanting to go places without my wife, and I liked the idea of two lead singers, sharing and harmonizing.  So now I travel the world, play songs and get to do it with my wife – bonus!

Talk about your latest release: what’s the title of the project and why did you choose to do multiple volumes of the same series?
Ah, our Firefly “leaves on the wind” series – while on a break from touring we had the brilliant idea (laughs) to record a song for every episode of our favorite TV show, Firefly.  Shockingly, it’s really resonated with fans of that show and we have done a lot with it including donating a portion of every sale to Equality Now, the charity of Can’t Stop The Serenity (the Firefly fans) and the charity goes to help women around the world fight violence and discrimination.

In true Sci-Fi fashion we decided to do a trilogy of EP’s.  Each disc has 5 songs going in order from the TV show.  We watch the episode, lift bits of dialogue and get a musical feel for the episode; then (we) write what works out to be a companion piece to the show.  We’ve even got fans from the actual TV show now!

What’s the one thing you want music fans to know about The Fallen Stars that separates you from other Americana Rock bands?
I don’t know if it’s what separates us or not but our Americana comes via the northern route.  A lot of country/Americana bands have their roots in Texas or Nashville and ours come by way of Boston and maybe Canada.  Having grown up listening to Blue Rodeo, Del Fuegos, Replacements, Neil Young,  Springsteen and a lot of 70’s folk.  Nothing against the southern route but we don’t have much twang in anything we say, shit we still can’t say “Harvard” or “chowder” properly, and we have a deep love of hockey and we know how to drive in the snow.  We even made Fallen Stars hockey jerseys.

Tell us about some of the upcoming tour dates you have scheduled; where and when can people see your band live?
We have a handful of dates booked in SoCal right now like opening weekend of the OC Fair, opening for Dave Alvin, Day of Music in Fullerton, the Sawdust Festival and then we head back to Europe for 2 months of touring in September/October including the Americana Festival in Vienna.

Where can people get more information about The Fallen Stars online?
If you have access to Google – type in The Fallen Stars and we come up.  Ha!  Or go to: /  /  /