Jackie Mason Wants To Blacklist Hollywood Celebrities

jackie mason blacklist Hollywood celebrities

Legendary comedian Jakie Mason has been known to speak his mind on issues of politics and Israel. Just a few months ago he called all Hollywood Jews who back Obama’s Iran deal, “morons,” so it came as no surprise when news broke that he was upset about Hollywood celebrities boycotting Israel.

According to a report by Breitbart, in a recent interview on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio”, Jackie Mason called for celebrities who are boycotting Israel to be blacklisted in Hollywood.  The comedian feels that it is “disgusting” that celebrities who have profited from and advanced their careers thanks to Jewish filmmakers, would then turn around and boycott Israel.

In the interview, Mason told Klein, “If not for the Jews who created the industry in Hollywood, all these people would never have a job and would never be working.” The comedian went on to say, “The Jews supported them all their lives. And the Jews made it possible for them to make a living.”

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