Marissa Heart – From Star Search To The Big Screen

Photo By: Birdie Thompson; Makeup By: Nathalie Romero

marissa heart

Marissa Heart has established herself in the Hollywood entertainment scene as a triple-threat by combining her talents as a dancer, actress, and singer. Here, Marissa shares how she built her resume guest-starring on hit television series’, and gives us a little insight no her latest movie role in, “Breaking Through“.

You’ve been dancing since the age of 3, but what drew you to the performing arts?
I remember the very first time I ever stepped foot on a stage. It was a feeling that I never could have imagined. The adrenaline rush; the high I feel after a performance is truly indescribable, and something I will always cherish. As an artist, I feel the most free and at home when I’m performing.

When did you get that first bite of the Los Angeles entertainment scene?
I performed on Star Search when I was 11 years old, and that’s when I got my first taste of Los Angeles. I realized that in order for me to reach the dreams and goals that I had for myself, that’s what I had to do. I have never once regretted it.

Photo: FlyGirl Photography

What was your first big break on the acting side of the entertainment industry, and how did that come about?
Within the first three months of moving to Los Angeles, I booked a pilot presentation for the Disney Channel as one of the lead characters. Unfortunately, it didn’t get picked up. I have also had some other opportunities in the acting industry as well, but “Breaking Through” was the biggest! I had a strong supporting role in the film, and it was such an incredible experience!

How did you get involved with the film “Breaking Through”, and what’s your role in the film?
I had to audition and go through the entire process of callbacks, dance auditions and chemistry reads, just like everyone else. I had been training for so long that I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity.

My manager sent me the breakdown of my character, the sides, and the script for “Breaking Through.” I remember reading the script multiple times before I went in for the first audition, and I genuinely felt like I fit the role of Tara incredibly well. Fortunately, I got the part!

I connected with Tara in a really great way because, I am very similar to her in my everyday life. She’s a happy, loving, and passionate girl who just wants to dance; which is what she and her best friends love most. I was also excited to challenge myself on a deeper level and truly become Tara, particularly when she was going through those darker experiences in the film.

If you could do only one, which would you choose, acting or dancing; and why?
Oh my gosh, I don’t think I could choose just one! I have two completely different loves for the both of them and I am incredibly passionate about both!

What’s next for you?
I am constantly trying new and different things to keep myself motivated and inspired! I recently appeared on an episode of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” on the CW, which was really cool! I also filmed an episode of “Lip Sync Battle” on Spike TV, and an episode of “Every Single Step” on DanceOn that should be coming out soon as well!