Michael Grandinetti Talks TV Show “Masters of Illusion”

By: Shaine Freeman

michael grandinetti
Image via Michael Grandinetti

Being a master illusionist is not an easy gig; it takes a lot of hard work and planning. Here, Michael Grandinetti, shares his journey as a magician from TV to casinos and stadiums.

Congratulations on everything! You’ve done a lot since we last spoke, including the CW show, “Masters of Illusion”. Thank you! We had a lot of fun with it. For me, combining magic with television is one of my big goals, so moving in that direction is very important to me and we’ve been having a great time with it.
So, how did you get involved with the CW show, “Masters of Illusion”.
We had been doing quite a few shows around the country, and about a year ago the producers of that show called me and asked if I’d be interested in doing “Masters of Illusion”, and I said, “Absolutely!” One of the reasons this opportunity really appealed to me was because, we’ve designed several illusions that are unique to our show; things that people have not seen before in any other magic show. So, to be able to share those illusions with a TV audience was very exciting to me. After that call, we took about a month of preparation and then we taped it live in Hollywood. Fortunately, the illusions weren’t new to us which took away any anxieties we might have had if we weren’t already familiar with the things we were doing.

One of the things I’d like to see is you levitating a 500 pound motorcycle. How much fun is that?
It’s a lot of fun. Recently, we were headliners at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada. It was wonderful! We did a show every night on what is known to be the world’s largest indoor stage. It’s huge! Has over an acre of space, and you could fit a 737 airplane on the stage. The audience was great, and the whole experience was unforgettable. In Reno, we were able to do all of our large illusions, stuff we can’t do when we travel. But, because we were stationary for two months, we were able to do the motorcycle and a few other very cool things on that stage. This summer, we also did stadium shows where people were watching from 360 degrees and we would levitate a girl above the pitcher’s mound. Think about it. To be able to see that from 360 degrees around the stadium is pretty unique. It’s unlike a stage where the audience is just in front of you and they can’t see behind you. So, we’ve had a lot of fun this year doing our show around the country for so many different audiences.

Knowing how these illusions are done; does it kill the excitement for you at all?
Not at all. I love performing magic, so I’m excited everytime I go out on stage. To be able to go out there and perform, and then have the privilege of watching the audience respond in amazement to something you worked hard to create is the most satisfying feeling in the world. It’s a thrill for me to do what I do for a living.

People see the magic and don’t know what the business side of that is like. Can you shed some light on that side of being a pro magician? Sure! If you want to make this your career, the business side is very important. I got my degree in marketing, but even if you haven’t done that, it’s essential to understand that what I do also involves marketing, sales, writing proposals and business letters. It’s like any other business; it’s more than just doing magic.

How does a person get into the business of creating illusions? Can they get in touch with you and ask questions about it?
I’d love to answer questions about it. It’s always exciting to see someone take interest in becoming a magician. They can visit my website www.MichaelGrandinetti.com and contact me.