New Basketball Documentary Chronicles the Life of NBA All-Star

By: Shaine Freeman

Mr Chibbs Basketball Documentary
Image via (Skyscraper Films/Seagull Ink)

Who is Mr. Chibbs?  Many in LeFrak City, Queens (NY) know exactly who he his, and thanks to a new basketball documentary fittingly titled, “Mr. Chibbs,” the whole world will know about the lifelong trials and successes of this legendary point guard.

Filmmaker Jill Campbell, in collaboration with Skyscraper Films, brings us ,”Mr. Chibbs: Basketball Is Easy, Life Is Hard,” a sports documentary that will chronicle the life of retired NBA All-Star and legendary Georgia Tech point guard, Kenny Anderson.  Regarded as one of the best high school basketball prospects ever to come out of New York City, Mr. Chibbs is also known as one of the best ball-handlers and scorers to ever play in the NBA and Division 1 NCAA men’s basketball.

What makes this basketball documentary so different from most is that it’s not going to over sensationalize Anderson’s life for TV ratings. According to Campbell, the film will follow Anderson and capture what the life of an NBA All-Star is like after retirement, while still telling real life accounts about Mr. Chibbs’ childhood struggles with abuse and more.  “Kenny doesn’t want this to be a pop piece. He wants kids to know what life is really like as a professional basketball player; all the ups and downs of it,” says Campbell.   “It’s an interesting story that Kenny has. There are things like, up until college he had never had beer!” she continues. “It wasn’t until he got to college and the NBA that all the fame and other usual stuff started to creep in; and he just wasn’t prepared to handle it.”

The film will also show Anderson interacting with family, friends, and former coaches.

Skyscraper Films is the production company launched by Dr. Michael J. Brunetti and partners John Getz, Jason Brunetti and Joseph Vizzini.


Kenny Anderson’s NBA Career Numbers

Points 10,789 (12.6 ppg)
Assists 5,196 (6.1 apg)
Steals 1,258 (1.5 spg)