SiriusXM Host Ric Bucher & 10-Year NBA Center Ryan Hollins Debut THE SwRL Podcast

The SwRL with Ric Bucher and Ryan Hollins (United We Cast Network)
The SwRL with Ric Bucher and Ryan Hollins (United We Cast Network)

ATLANTA, GA – January 19, 2018United We Cast Network debuted its new podcast, The SwRL, hosted by Ric Bucher and Ryan Hollins, on Thursday, January 18. The duo will cover some of the biggest taboo subjects in sports; from race relations and politics, to fake news and behind the scenes drama, nothing is off limited on this no nonsense, serious – but comical sports show.

The weekly podcast can be heard on, iTunes, GooglePlay, YouTube, and Spotify.

“When you get two giants in the NBA world together on one podcast, you’re bound to attract an engaged audience,” said Shaine Freeman, President of United We Cast and producer of The SwRL. “Their chemistry is undeniable and I think NBA fans are going to enjoy the honest but comical banter between Ric and Ryan.”

“What I love about doing a podcast with Ryan is that he’s not afraid to tell real behind-the-scenes stories from his playing days or share the way players truly talk and think, even about touchy subjects,” said Ric Bucher. “It’s something I know from my years of covering the league and always wanted to share with NBA fans — and now I can.”

“I grew up watching Ric report, once I got to the league I was privileged to meet, and now I can say I’m privileged  to call Ric a friend.  We started up just talking basketball like a couple of buddies Ric gets what it’s like to be in the locker room. He gets the wins the losses the up the downs,” added Ryan Hollins. “I love that Ric isn’t afraid to go there and more importantly give a perspective that opens doors. The swirl podcast blows my mind because your gonna hear what people have been afraid to tell you.”

Ric Bucher is a veteran NBA radio and TV host/analyst, and Sr. Writer for Bleacher Report. With more than 27 years covering the NBA and more, Ric is highly regarded as one of the best in the business. Bucher can be heard daily on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio, and every Friday on SiriusXM’s NBA channel. Ric Bucher is also a NYT best-selling author.

Ryan Hollins is a professional basketball player whose career includes 10-years in the NBA and a short stint playing in overseas. Ryan was selected 50th overall in the 2006 NBA Draft by the Charlotte Bobcats (now Hornets). He can be heard as an on-air personality at ESPN’s Los Angeles station ESPN LA 710AM.

About United We Cast

United We Cast aka The 1st Amendment Network is a podcast network co-founded in 2017 by award-winning entrepreneur Shaine Freeman (I Am Entertainment Media, The Miews), and veteran NBA radio host & best-selling author Ric Bucher (TheSwRL, MadDog & NBA SiriusXM radio host, Bleacher Report Sr. Writer, and NBA TV analyst).

Founded upon the principles of free speech, UWC is the premier podcasting company for thought leaders from every ethnicity who are unafraid to speak candidly about the issues affecting them and their communities. UWC launched with comedian/actor Gary Owen’s #GetSome podcast, which garners 30,000 total downloads across all major podcast platforms. The SwRL with Ric Bucher and Ryan Hollins and Isaiah Washington Speaks…Again podcasts launches in January 2018.

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