The Word Network Files a Complaint With the FCC to Remain on All Comcast Systems

The Word Network
The Word Network

DETROIT, Dec. 5, 2016 — The Word Network is filing a complaint with the FCC against Comcast, Xfinity & NBC to ensure carriage of The Word Network in all of their systems.

The Word Network, the largest African American religious network in the world reaching 3 billion people worldwide, has been broadcasting on Comcast for the past 17 years giving them quality religious programming that is sensitive to the African American community and with no reason was told they were going to be removed from Comcast systems.  The African American community and The Word Network were used as pawns.

The Word Network has asked the FCC to investigate:

  • The unjust removal of The Word Network
  • Too much emphasis on stock performance versus meeting the demands of their customers; massive amounts of customer complaints, meeting customer demands, treatment of customers and high prices
  • Since the 2011 merger, they have been focused on the form rather than the substance of the diversity rules and actually reducing diversity.  They are playing fast and loose with the rules.
  • Not enough African Americans in key management positions
  • Bringing independent diverse directors to the Comcast board
  • Excessive officer compensation
  • NBC has shown egregious behavior with their NBC affiliates on retransmission agreements
  • Out of the 38 shows that NBC produces only one is sensitive to the African American community

When the SVP of Content Acquisition, was asked what the reason for removing The Word Network was, she responded by saying “because we are Comcast, and we can.”   The FCC and the public should reply “Because you can’t!”  This is the hallmark of a monopoly where too much power is going to one Media Company.