Younes Tells The World You Aint Got Nothing On Me

you aint got nothing on me

So, tell us about your new single You Aint Got Nothing On Me and what inspired the lyrics?
I started writing it at a low period in my life, where nothing seemed to go my way and I somehow felt so alone. But when I started writing I started to think about those in even more difficult situations than me. Somewhere we need to understand that we are not alone in our problems and difficulties, things might feel easier then. I started thinking about what I’ve been through and situations and people I’ve come in contact with and things that happen in life. Victims of sexual abuse, people who get bullied, domestic violence, harassments, racism , all the way down to your common haters. These people became my inspiration, they became my voice. This song is all about bringing positivity and I hope people hear that and find strength in it when strength is needed, or just enjoy it as it is.. for me, at the end of the day, It’s a piece of art.

How is this song different from all of your previous releases?
It’s more than just a song for me, It’s a feeling. It brings me calm. I’ve never created a piece where I felt like that. It also gives you a better idea of where I want to be musically. I need to make a shoutout to my friend and producer, Gonzalo Gamboa Figueroa who took my idea to the next level.

Last time we spoke you had just signed with a record label that you no longer work with. What did you learn about signing to an indie label?
Wow. Yeah man.. what can I say. Sometimes in this game people like to talk a lot and tell you things, things that aint going to happen. It can be hard to see what’s real talk and what’s not, because when you’ve signed a contract you have high hopes, you want to believe that things will happen as they tell you. What I’ve learnt is that it’s dangerous to go and wait for people to do the work for you. Waiting almost ended my career. I lost all passion and motivation, I became a vegetable music wise or like we say in Sweden, a sack of potatoes. It’s strange how it works, as soon as I told the label that I don’t want to remain, my inspiration came back! Just like that. So signing a contract isn’t always the best choice for your career.

Now that you’re no longer signed what is your primary goal with your music career in 2016?
I would really like to create a video for my latest track and put that abstract feeling to it. I already have great demos for songs that have great potential. I’m in contact with a really talented producer in USA who has grown fond of 4 of those demos, so I’m looking forward to this year. Either way I will be dropping some great tracks. But I really need to find me a good manager who believe in me as much as I do and who has the right contacts, and I’m also looking into publishers who can get my music out there to the masses.

Where can people go online to hear your new single and follow you on social media?
“You aint got nothing on me” will be available on Spotify and iTunes 25th of April if everything proceeds correctly and it will be popping up at most major digital distributors after that but it will also be popping up on my Soundcloud. The best way to follow me on social media is through my Facebook site and Instagram.

[Featured In THE MIEWS Magazine Issue #2]