How To Get A Music Review

AUDIENCE REACH (as of Dec 1, 2017):

  • Website/Blog: 540,000 monthly
  • The Miews Podcast: 5,000 downloads per week (iTunes, Google Play, etc.)
  • Social Media: 18,000 Twitter + 5,000 Facebook
  • Email Subscribers: 66,000 opted-in


  1. We Pre-screen every submission to make sure we can write a honest review that does not hurt the artist or lies to the reader. We won’t review it if we can’t be positive.
  2. We Market every review we write. This means your review will receive real social media marketing to reach fans who fit your genre of music.
  3. Just Like You, we are writers too. We spend lots of time & talent crafting great reviews to help artists like you gain new fans from the large audience we’ve built since 2009. That said…we have to get paid and will not write for free.
  4. Genres We Don’t Review: Heavy Metal, Gangsta Rap or anything that is misogynistic, sacrilegious, racist, or discriminatory.


  • STEP 1: Submit your music for Pre-Screening (if you haven’t already). Just email a streaming audio or YouTube link (no mp3’s please) to iaemagreviews @ gmail .com
  • STEP 2: If we are interested we will contact you to move forward with the review. 
  • STEP 3: Choose the option that fits your needs and pay below. 

Album/EP reviews (allow 2-3 business days) | Video/Single review (2 days)