Amy Powell

Location: Durham, NC
Genre: Hip-Hop
Key Tracks: All

If you like West Coast Hip-Hop, you’ll love L@w. A very creative artist, L@w calls
himself a “One Hit 1der” because “I make Wonder Music, 1 hit at a time.” Interesting
and very unique to himself, L@w cannot be compared to any of today’s heavily
commercialized Hip-Hop stars. In fact, he despises them for keeping the genre
stagnant (so do I).

In his song “Future”, L@w strikes a definite chord with those who want to see Hip-Hop
music get back to being about creativity, uniqueness, and as he puts it “the games
been stankin’ so it’s time to change it; I brought you to the future to see real
entertainment.” That line is just one of many that showcase L@w’s ire for the lack of
growth in today’s music. Oh, and the beat is great!

Another favorite of mine is “Sweatin” because of the fact that this guy (L@w) is truly
saying something and his music production is great. And he harmonizes the entire
song. Who does that?!

L@w explains his musical influences as “Well I put it like this: (cough) I´m the bastard
son of Eminem and Lauryn Hill, but was raised by Talib Kweli and his brother Mos Def.
All my uncles came to visit me, A Tribe Called Quest, and De La soul rapped me to
bed. Jill Scott and Musiq (Soulchild) sang me to sleep. My big brothers Kanya West
and Pharrell kept me motivated, and the Godfather Dr Dre keeps me inspired...”

"My ultimate goal is to be heard throughout the world and universe.  Human and aliens
alike can share in the wonder filled music.  Allow everyone to see different sounds and
colors and literally feel my point of view.  And show that I'm the most down to earth
Martian no one really knows.  And of peace (in my Ms Universe pageant
voice). -- L@W

If I don’t stop my review here, it’ll be a five page thesis. The bottom line is, L@w is a
true Hip-Hop artist well worth supporting.

Review by: Senseitional

A Mix Tape Vol. 2
Artist: L@w
Rating:  1 = WORST, 4 = BEST
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