TAD Music App Helps Musicians Design Cover Art

TAD app review

“The TAD music app is one tool that no musician should go without in 2016!” – Shaine Freeman, The Miews Podcast

Lets face it…musicians are not like most entrepreneurs who have a desire to learn every moving part of their business to ensure success. The typical musician will put off doing business, for fear that it will taint their creative “process”. But there is one aspect of releasing new music that no musician can ignore, and that is designing great album cover art that compliments the tone of their album and catches the eyes of music buying fans.

Introducing the Thumbnail Art Design (TAD) app. The TAD music app was created for musicians who need a quick and easy way to create hi-resolution cover art (or social media posts) without the need for graphic design experience. TAD is the brainchild of musician, Lee Jones, a self-proclaimed novice graphic designer who had a tough time finding an easy to use app specifically designed to help musicians create dynamic album cover art quickly.


I found a lot of pluses with the TAD music app that appealed to both the musician and entrepreneur in me.

  1. COST: It’s only $1.99 with no extra in-app fees attached. There are a number of apps that allow you to design and manipulate photos, but many of them charge extra for features like transparency and larger font selections. So you can design without worrying about being charged extra, something every musician on a budget should appreciate.
  2. EASE OF USE: If you’re anything like me, you want your apps to be very easy to use when you’re trying to get things done, and that’s exactly what the TAD music app was designed to do.
  3. iTUNES READY: TAD can export your artwork in various sizes but, most notably it exports to iTunes specs (3000×3000), something no other app that I know of has been designed to do. This feature is completely necessary for every musician planning to release new songs in the digital music market.
  4. IMAGE OPTIONS: You can actually upload your own images and logos, or choose from a variety of preset images. There are also stickers that you can use, like “Parental Advisory” and “Remix”; perfect for those special projects that need to be labeled as such.
  5. FRAMES & FILTERS: Like most image apps, TAD offers a nice variety of frames/borders and image filters that allow you to enhance your cover art designs. So, there’s no need to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to get the exact feel you’re looking for.
  6. COLORS & FONTS: Another great thing about the TAD app is that there are tons of colors and fonts to choose from, so you can play around with various styles and looks until you get the exact design for your release.



As you know, there is no such thing as a 100% flawless mobile app; if you’ve found one, let me know and I’ll find an issue LOL. That said, my only issue with the TAD app is that it isn’t available for Android users, which pretty much blanks out about 60% of the app’s targeted user base. While iPhone users can download TAD now, Android users are pretty much left on the outside looking in.

The good news for Android users, according to Lee Jones in a recent interview on Episode 117 of The Miews Podcast, is that an app for your device is in the works. We’ll keep you posted about the arrival of the TAD app for Android.

OVERALL: TAD is an excellent mobile design app for musicians that I would recommend to every single band/artist in need of cover art for their upcoming releases. It’s currently available in the Apple iTunes store, and you can download it by clicking the image below.

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