The Challenges of Being Indie with Singer-Songwriter Paul Gross

paul gross

Building a music career isn’t easy; especially when you’re doing it on your own. This is something Paul Gross knows a lot about. In this exclusive interview, the Houston singer-songwriter shares some valuable insights on being indie in today’s music business, and what his new album is all about.

Who or what influenced Paul Gross to pursue a music career?
Thats a great question! Ever since I was a little kid I was always into music. I remember getting the Michael Jackson Thriller album on cassette and listening over and over and over. I grew up in the 80s/90s so there are so many artists and bands that influenced me from U2, to Pearl Jam to Switchfoot. I also love the great songwriters like Dylan, Cash, Taylor. I started “writing” songs at around 9 years old on a Casio keyboard and well 32 years later I’m still writing songs. 🙂 Its always come fairly naturally to me. There is always a new melody and song idea running through my head and there is nothing more satisfying then getting it out and developing it into something cool.

When you finally decided to do it, what was the biggest challenge getting started?
Well for me I still have a “day job” and a good career in the energy industry but music/songwriting always has been and will be my core passion. I think one of the biggest challenges is just figuring out how to navigate the business side of things. Music has changed so much with technology and streaming and social media so just trying to develop a plan to get your music out there has been a challenge.

Your new release “New Beginning” is out and going strong. Why did you choose that particular title for the project?
This album is so personal to me and doing a solo acoustic singer/songwriter album is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. The name ‘New Beginning’ is really symbolic for a massive amount of change I went through in my life a couple years back including a rough divorce. So the album is full of songs about hope, inspiration, and perseverance. I’m in a much better place now and this album is a big reason why.

What can music fans expect to hear on this release?
There are 10 songs on the album including 9 originals and 1 cover of the great song Hallelujah. The album is all acoustic, primarily guitar and vocal with a little bit of piano and strings throughout. The songs as mentioned earlier are all meant to be positive and uplifting and centered around the title track ‘New Beginning’.

If you could go back and get a redo, what’s the one thing – musically – you’d do over?
Honestly for this album it really exceeded my expectations in terms of what I was setting out to do. At first it was just going to be straight guitar and vocal but was fortunate to work with a couple of really talented folks who recommended putting on the other instrumental accents and I’m really glad they did! So overall I’m really pleased with it and hope other people dig it!