Melissa Menago Talks Being Signed To Chesky Records and Her Little Crimes Release

Main photo by: Alan Nahigian

melissa menago

Getting signed is a dream for many talented young singers who aspire to become a success in the music business, and for Melissa Menago, that dream has become a reality. Here, we get a glimpse of what it’s like to go from DIY to signed; and what we can expect from this emerging artist’s new release.

Melissa Menago
Photo by: Lauren Fleming

Who or what inspired you to pursue a singing career?
I think it was just something I was always good at. I was really shy about singing as a kid, but I always gravitated towards it anyway because it felt good to do. I was always the creative kind of kid. Despite my shyness, my family and friends would encourage me to sing because they told me I had a knack for it. At some point, I kicked my shyness and really went for it.

How did you end up signed to Chesky Records?
I’m in an indie rock band called June Divided. The label manager at Chesky had worked with us in the past. He had heard a little solo ukulele song I had written. That’s the kind of thing they were looking for at the time, so he asked if I wanted to make a record with them.

Talk about your latest release, Little Crimes. Who did you work with on this project and what can people expect to hear?
It’s a very minimal, live, acoustic record. We cut it in a day in a church with a binaural microphone. I had a few of my bandmates play on it as well. The binaural mic is suppose to mimic how the human head works- it actually kind of looked like I was singing into a crash dummy. It’s definitely a cool listening experience.

Since being signed to a record label, how have things changed for you?
It’s very different from being an indie artist since June Divided is DIY. There’s good to both sides of the business and I’m lucky I get to experience both.

Where can people go online for the latest happenings with your career?
The best sites to find me on are:
twitter/instagram: @melissamenago and @junedivided