S1 EP67: 4x Grammy-Nominated Singer-Actor TANK Gets Real About The Business


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Grammy-nominated Singer-Actor TANK stops by to speak with Shaine about the importance of recording artists handling their business. Tank and Shaine break down the real truth about the music business, while offering songwriters the following keys to success:

  1. How to protect your rights, so you can make money form your published songs.
  2. How to write songs that people can relate to.
  3. Why he launched his own fitness brand – STRONGER U
  4. His upcoming film roles, and
  5. Does he want his kids to get into music and entertainment

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Originally Released Feb 6, 2015

This episode is from Season 1 (S1) of The Miews podcast, which was focused primarily on educating and inspiring those who aspire to work in the music business. Season 2 (S2) marks the beginning of a whole new format of The Miews podcast where our host, Shaine Freeman, focuses on how American entertainment affects society. In this new season of the show we feature and share the stories of top film, TV, comedy, and sports figures.