Joel James Live Kicks Off 2018 With A Bang

Interview by: Shaine Freeman, Music Editor and Host of The Miews Podcast

joel james live

Kicking off 2018 with a big time release, Joel James Live is poised to make his mark with music fans around the world. In this exclusive chat session, we get a glimpse into how Joel James is preparing himself for success.

For many musicians, music seems to have always been a part of their lives; but, who – or what – inspired you to become a musician?
As you said, for most of us it has always been a part of our lives. However, in my earlier days it was sitting more in the background. My Dad and my Uncle are both musicians and that is definitely a big part of what I am today. I guess it started becoming a priority when I got my first guitar at 15. From there I’ve had bands and artists I look up to, idols and inspirations. It’s hard to say what defining thing made me want to be who I am. I guess it’s in my blood, it’s the only part of me that I am proud of.

When did you decide to actually become a songwriter and recording artist; and how long did it take you to get started?
Hmm, since I started learning how to play the guitar I’ve kind of always been making my own little licks and progressions. I started writing songs properly when I was 17 I think!
Since then I taught myself how to record certain instruments, how to produce and what not. Basically I’ve been fiddling around with Logic Pro since I was 17. Now 6 years later all that experimenting has lead to me knowing what I know now. Trial and error.

Lets talk about your new EP release, “Hey Little Lady”. It’s a very well produced pop release filled with emotionally charged songs that have a stadium feel. What was the inspiration for your creative direction on this release?
Thanks! Well, most of the inspiration has come from certain times in my life where I have been rejected in an un-fair and savage way.  So, I decided to make a story about it!

If you listen closely, the EP is a journey. Every song is linked. The City, the Lady and the Moon all live in each and every song. That being said, each song can stand on it’s own and has it’s own story as well. So yeah, facing rejection every day is definitely a key factor to my inspiration while writing Hey Little Lady.

As musicians, we always seem to learn something new with every project we craft. Did you learn anything new while recording this EP?
The whole process to creating this EP was a massive learning experience if I’m honest! There was just a bunch of experimentation throughout the months recording and producing it! Probably one of this biggest learning curves of my life.

I guess I learned how possible it is to do it all yourself, you know? Just takes the time, commitment and work ethic to make it all happen!

To help music fans better understand if this release is for them, which bands and artists would best match up with your sound on tour?
Every one of my songs has it’s own sound and character. But, if you were to go to an Imagine Dragons concert, or a Twenty one Pilots concert and I was the supporting act, that would make sense.

Please tell us when “Hey Little Lady” comes out and where people can get more information about you and this EP?
Hey Little Lady comes out on the 2nd of Feb! You can pre-order it now on iTunes or buy it on all your favourite online music stores at its release. You will also be able to stream it on Spotify and all the rest if you prefer that!