Korean Electro-Rockers Love X Stereo Serve Up Some Seoul

Interview By: Shaine Freeman, Host & Editor of The Miews Podcast, Magazine, & 2MAwards

love x stereo

It’s a big world and music is one of the few mediums that can bridge the gaps between cultures. Nobody knows this better than Seoul, Korea based electro-rockers Love X Stereo, whose latest release serves a Part 2 of an epic EP series. In this exclusive interview with LXS, we get to experience a piece of the South Korean music scene through one of the country’s rising electronic rock duos.

Tell us how your band LOVE X STEREO was formed?
Our band formed in late 2011. Our former band was called ‘Skrew Attack’ which was a punk rock band. Throughout the years, Toby and I (Annie) thought we should start doing something fresh and fun. That’s how we ended up forming a brand new band ‘Love X Stereo’. We’re an electro-rock band, heavily influenced by the 90s.

With your latest self-titled release, what can people expect to hear and where can they check it out?
Our latest release is called ‘We Love We Leave, Part 2’. It’s an EP with 5 songs. Compared to ‘Part 1’ which came out in 2015, this one’s more darker and edgier. The overall theme is about ‘death’, how we experienced it and how we really feel about it. For us, we had to deal with a lot of death during the recent 3 years of our lives, so it’s about that. But that does not mean that it’s all gloomy and depressing. It’s actually more powerful and stronger than our previous work.

With so much music out there, what do you want music lovers to know about your band that makes you unique?
Our music is not just about “electro”, and certainly not the usual “EDM”. It’s more than that. We put many thoughts into our music, so we use a lot of real instruments and various synthesizers to create this vast, deep, dreamy, polished, and energetic vibe. We’re the ultimate 90s kids, so 90s music had a lot to do with our work. Especially punk/alternative rock and techno/big beat. Rock meets electro in a very 21st century way – that’s us. So if you’re interested in listening to a different kind of electro-indie music, our music might be perfect for you.

What’s the hardest thing about being an independent band in 2016?
It must sound like a cliché, but the hardest thing will be financing your projects/promotions. Our EP was fully funded by our fans via social funding because of this. We used platforms like Pledge Music (international) and K-Culture People Foundation (Korea). We’re still figuring out a better way to promote it as well, but usually ‘promotion’ costs a lot. Seems like the music industry itself is focused on ‘streaming’ than ‘downloading’, which will make much more harder for musicians to stand alone. I’d say, if you love the band, SUPPORT!

Where can people connect with and get more information about LOVE X STEREO?
Please come to our website, and connect with us on our socials!