How Memphis Music Influenced Hit Band, Losers Way Home

losers way home

Memphis, Tennessee is not just a place where you can get great barbecue and visit Graceland; rather it is a city whose history in music – modern and former – is well documented. Adding to that history is Loser’s Way Home, a band that is determined and destined for success. Here, we discover just how awesome they are.

How did the band, Losers Way Home come to be?
Loser’s Way Home is an indie folk rock group that formed in 2008. The band started in Memphis, TN when Randall Downs and Matthew Cureton began writing songs together. They began to record their music,and Matthew asked Steven Bowman to lay violin parts on a couple of songs. As LWH collaborated with Steven, a friendship was formed and he joined the group. Rex Gorman was introduced to the band at a later date, and he came on board as the bassist. Ryan Veach was the last to join LWH as the drummer. Loser’s Way Home has released four albums, and will release the fifth, “Love Songs for the Rest of Us,” on July 22, 2016.

How did the rich history of music in Memphis influence your sound?
Memphis, because of its rich history in music, would be an incredible influence on any musician, regardless of genres or styles. The city is consistently producing talented musical acts! You can travel down Beale Street any night of the week and hear some great blues music, or go to Otherlands on the weekends to hear some great folk groups. LWH has had the privilege of playing with talented musical acts from Memphis throughout the past years, such as: Star and Micey, Austin and Leah, Mary Owens, Bek London, and many others. No matter where the band goes, the Memphis music scene will always be an influence on our music.

Talk about your latest release, Love Songs For The Rest of Us. What can people who haven’t heard it expect to hear?
We are excited to release “Love Songs for the Rest of Us” this coming July. We recorded the album in Nashville with Matthew Odmark of Jars of Clay. The album contains 5 tracks that each tell a different love story. The melodies are haunting on this record, and the orchestration and harmonies are breathtaking. “Love Songs for the Rest of Us” will resonate with a lot of people because it contains realistic love songs. Every song doesn’t end with a happy ending, but each song tells a captivating story. The band is filming a music video for one of the tracks, “Place of No Return,” this weekend. We are excited to show the public.

If you could get a do over in any area of your music career, what would you press the reset button on?
I would’ve practiced even more as a kid/teenager when time was more abundant. I am always pushing myself through lessons and practice; the same can be said of all the band members.
One area we are improving on as a band is our social media push. If we could do it again, we would have taken greater advantage of youtube, twitter, instagram, and etc. LWH is doing a better job with social media now, and hopefully we will continue to broaden our fanbase.

You have a good number of shows lined up this summer. What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to new bands about about booking gigs?
The biggest advice for new bands is to work! Call and email venues. Set up shows with popular local bands. There is no easy route in booking, but your work will be rewarded.

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