Pop Star, Cristina F Shares Her Greatest Mistake

Interview By: Shaine Freeman, Host & Editor of The Miews Podcast + Magazine

Cristina F

If you know pop music then you know that great songs are more often than not, discovered by music fans way before mainstream radio and media outlets get around to jumping on-board. That’s exactly what is taking place with Cristina F, an outstanding young pop artist whose passion for her craft may exceed her mainstream reach at the moment, but someday soon she’ll be the talk of the music world. With a new single releasing this week (May 22nd), we get an advanced opportunity to learn more about this rising pop star.

Tell us what or who sparked your desire to become a recording artist and songwriter?
Ever since I was a baby I have wanted to be in the entertainment world, especially as a singer. I was extremely shy as a kid but I would sing in my room everyday for hours. I made myself take acting classes so I could break out of my shell and I auditioned for my school’s version of American Idol. I was so afraid but I knew if I didn’t do it I would just hate myself. I had never performed in front of anyone before and I ended up winning the entire contest! That was when I said ‘hey, maybe I can do this.’ And ever since then I just have been so driven and passionate about my dream.

With your latest release, what can people expect to hear and when can they check it out?
My second EP ‘Greatest Mistake’ comes out on May 22nd, but you can currently pre-order. The whole EP is just very fun and outgoing. It is a real feel good EP with positive vibes. The timing of the release is perfect because summer is right here and it definitely screams summer. When you listen to this EP, no matter where you are, you’ll just be bobbing your head and tapping your foot.

In today’s saturated music space, what would you say has been the hardest thing about being independent?
To me, the hardest thing about being independent is getting people to listen to you and actively follow you. Just because an artist is popular doesn’t mean they are the best of the best. There are a lot of amazingly talented independent artists out there that don’t get the recognition they deserve. They don’t get a chance. We get turned away from lots of great opportunities that could put you on the spectrum all because we don’t have a label to our name or something.

No one is listening to the music anymore. I remember when the radio used to play hundreds of different artists. That’s where you got to find new people to listen to. I had to wait like 2 days to hear my favorite song again! Now everything is overplayed and it’s the same 5 artists and the same 5 songs. My favorite thing to check out on iTunes is the New Artist Feature. That’s where you hear some good stuff. It is definitely a struggle but if you have the drive and the passion and you believe in yourself you just keep trucking. I think things will change soon.

Where can people connect with you and get more information about upcoming liver shows you might be having this summer?
You can get all your updates at cristinafmusic.com Definitely follow me on social media too like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what’s coming next!