Slender Sets Out To Take Rock Music By Storm


The indie rock scene is officially being put on notice that Slender has arrived, and they’re ready to rock your ever loving minds! In this exclusive interview with the five guys who make this band the rock ‘n roll powerhouse it is, we learn a thing or two about the business of running a successful indie rock band in 2017.


How did you guys meet to form this band?
FRANK: Starting a band was not really on my radar at the time. I simply wanted to immortalize some songs I had written by going into the studio to record them. Once the initial demo was completed, that’s when I felt the urge to get back into a band. With the exception of Pascal and Vince, none of us knew each other. I met Laurent through an ad I posted about one year prior to starting the band.

PASCAL: I was introduced to Frank and Laurent when they were looking for a bass player. They wanted to compete in a band contest. Originally, I was only supposed to play a few gigs with them, but the vibe between us was so nice that they asked me to be an official member of the band.

VINCE: I met Pascal 10 years ago through the drummer of my previous band. Since then, he has always been my bass player, but I really don’t understand why haha! He introduced me to Frank when he was looking for another guitar player. It really clicked between us and we developed a musical chemistry really quick.

DAN: I didn’t know anybody… A mutual friend told me that he knew of a band who was looking for a “skin basher”. I checked them out and I really liked what I heard. So one thing led to another and voilà!

LAURENT: After almost a year hiatus, I decided to start looking for people who share the same love and passion for music as I do. When Frank reached out to me and made me listen to his demos, I immediately got hooked and felt the potential that the songs had. I wanted to add my own touch to them and contribute to their recording. A couple of jams later, the band was formed.

What does the name “Slender” mean?
FRANK: I wish I had a really cool story to say about the name but unfortunately I don’t. We were throwing around band names for a few weeks and none would really stick. One day, I was sitting in my son’s bedroom and he had a whiteboard with a bunch of notes on it and in the bottom left corner was written “SLENDER”. Probably from the movie or the videogame who knows. I messaged the boys about the name SLENDER and it kind of stuck.

I really like your new LP, Revival. How long did it take to produce this album and what do you want music fans know about this release?
PASCAL: It took approximately 1 year, from the demo recordings to the album printing. I think we would like music fans to know that to us, this is an honest album. I was important for us to that we remained true to ourselves. We invested our own money into this with no help from grants or record labels. We decided to work with a producer (JS Baciu) who understood our core values and vision. We put a lot of hard work and “sweat” into it and we hope you will like it as much as we had fun doing it!

What has been the toughest part about being an independent rock band in today’s music business?
PASCAL: In my opinion, the toughest part would be to have some “credibility” in front of the commercial radios and venue bookers. Since we don’t have the “big marketing machine” behind us, sometimes they don’t take us seriously. We have to work even harder to make our place but in the end, it’s even more rewarding because all of the merit come back to us.

FRANK: I think the other aspect is that we are trying to be in the big leagues with minor league budgets and resources. But overall, it’s about putting in the time to get the record out there. It requires us to get a little creative but we are not short of effort and initiatives, that’s for sure.

Where can people get more information about the band, the album, and upcoming 2017 tour dates?
FRANK: The best place to go would be our website at That’s where you’ll get the latest news, tour dates, and links to all of our social media platforms (facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soudcloud and Reverbnation). You can purchase the album on all of the digital distribution outlets such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc. You can also stream it on Spotify.