How Stevie Nicks Inspired Indie Rocker Kym Larsen

Interview By: Shaine Freeman

kym larsen

When it comes to indie rock music, the market is overrun by new bands who aspire to become the next big thing. But, few are actually preparing themselves to do so like Kym Larsen. In this exclusive interview, the rising rock maven shares why she’s in hot pursuit of becoming the next big thing in rock and roll music.

Who or what inspired you to pursue a singing career?
It started with David Bowie back in the late 80’s. There was something highly eccentric about him that caught my attention, leading me to other fantastic legendary people like the Queen of Rock, Stevie Nicks. There’s nothing like someone that can accomplish so much, almost what would seem impossible, to get your own dreams flourished!

Your LP, “Bird of Prey”, was recently released. What does the title of the album mean?
I chose it from the song I created, it’s about strength and not giving up. A bird of prey is very bold and fearless, which in this type of business – I have learned you have got to be both!

What is your overall goal with this new album?
To reach out to a large audience, to be able to perform wherever I possibly can, leading up to doing this professionally with a Label and or Management that can assist further.

Many people think it’s easy to just put out music and become a success. What have you learned about making it in music, so far in your journey as an artist?
It seems to be who you know, not just that you have the talent and that can become quite discouraging. When you are not able to afford the best of the best, it can hold you back, and I think that is quite unfair.

Where can people connect with you online and pick up your album?
I’d love to create a larger following over on my Facebook page at and you can pick up this album directly from CD Baby at