Asking Alexandria – Into The Fire (Review)

Review By: Shaine Freeman Music Editor

This video is for the new single by English rock band Asking Alexandria titled, Into The Fire (Sumerian Records). The song is from their forthcoming December 15th album release. I’ll admit that I’ve never heard of the band, but the music piqued my interests enough to look into them further and write about Into The Fire.

SONG: Lyrically, Into The Fire is dark and self-loathing, which is a bummer because I tend to be a “bright side” kinda guy. But, despite the fact that the lyrics don’t grab me, the music, vocals, and melodies do. The band’s lead singer, Danny Worsnop, is one of the best male rock vocalists I’ve heard in recent times. His ability to go from a smooth tenor into a full blown growling scream is very impressive – I’m always amazed by guys who can do this.

As for the band’s musical performance and sound, it is the primary reason I payed any attention to Asking Alexandria in the first place. The guitar riffs, bass, and drums played by Ben Bruce, James Cassells, Cameron Liddell, and Sam Bettley are A++ and provide the perfect backdrop to Danny’s lead vocals.

VIDEO: The video matches the dark story in the song, which made it hard for me to feel a connection. But, that doesn’t dismiss the fact that the director’s (Jensen Noen) artistic vision for the video is highly creative. The black and white production feels very Gotham City-like and brings to life the idea that Asking Alexandria’s members are losing their battles with depression. The high speed car accidents throughout the video, combined with the band’s live performance in a virtual world make for an entertaining 4:08 of viewing.

Overall, this is a good video by Asking Alexandria and Scissor Films. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes metalcore and screamo rock.