The Coathangers Take Us “Down Down”

By:Shaine Freeman Music Editor

Atlanta based punk band The Coathangers bring us their new video for “Down Down”, a song from the trio’s new album  Nosebleed Weekend, on Suicide Squeeze Records. For the avoidance of boring you to tears with web spittle about their lifestory, I’ll simply say that the Coathangers have been together long enough to release five albums – ‘Nosbleed’ being their fifth.

A throwback to female bands from the 1960s/70s like The Shaggs and The Slits, this video for “Down Down” is a headtrip that places The Coathangers on the same legendary path that their predecessors once walked. The changes in rhythm, tempo, and theme will keep you dialed in and entertained, while the song puts you through an emotional rollercoaster ride you won’t soon forget.

The band is currently touring the US before globetrotting their way to Australia and New Zealand this fall.