Rodanz – Dov Orev

By: Shaine Freeman Music Editor

This video marks the official July 28th release of Dov Orev, the breakout single by Israeli band Rodanz. The video is entertaining and follows the band’s frontman, Zvi Rodan, who seems to be lost and is running through a forest. He finds his way out of the forest and into an abandoned graffiti covered building where circus actors perform various tricks and stunts. Zvi makes his way through the performers and up a spiral stairway, subsequently ending up on the building’s rooftop where he joins the rest of Rodanz for a jam session.

Written and composed by the band’s frontman Zvi Rodan, the music bed is jazz inspired R&B covered by pop-soul vocal melodies and performances. This mashup of genres gives Dov Orev a catchy and universally appealing sound. The lyrics are a mix of Hebrew and English, and seem to focus on the relationship between light and dark (good and evil)? But, I could be wrong? (lol)

Despite the fact that I can’t fully decode the message in the lyrics, I still like the music, vocals, and melodies. As you’ll hear in the video, the song has a very nice horn section to compliment the awesome vocals, bass, keys, and guitar play being laid down by Rodanz. I couldn’t be more pleased to have had the chance to get my eyes and ears on Dov Orev.

Rodanz is an Israel-based R&B/Soul/Rock collective led by drummer, singer and songwriter Zvi Rodan, and features the talents of Arnon Ziv (keys), Adi Gigi (bass), Moti Rodan (guitar), Jacob Gorensteyn (saxophones), and Avior Rokah (trumpet).

For more information about Rodanz, check out the band’s website at You can also check out other vids on Zvi’s personal YouTube.